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We build Bitcoin mining containers for Canaan Avalon, Bitmain Antminer, MicroBT WhatsMiner, Innosilicon, and other brand cryptocurrency miners.
We supply ASIC miners and the best GPUs for mining for our clients as well, so you can have a plug-and-play cryptocurrency mining farm.
At Power Mining - we make mining easy!


Building cryptocurrency mining containers and cryptocurrency mining PDUs is our specialty.
As of 2021, we have more than 3 years experience in building crypto mining containers, in total, we have built more than 20 mining containers for locations on 3 continents.

20ft ASIC-162 Bitcoin Mining Container
  • Placement for up to 600kW of ASICs
  • Supports up to 162 pcs Bitmain Antminer S17, S19, S19 Pro, Canaan Avalon A1246, WhatsMiner M30S, and other miners;
  • Includes electrical distribution, power cabling, power outlets or PDUs, filters, shelving;
  • Optional LAN setup, intelligent PDUs, surveillance system;
  • 40ft ASIC-324 container model for larger farms.
Power Mining Crypto Mining PDU
  • Power Distribution Units for crypto miners;
  • Made in EU with quality components;
  • 12 x C19 outputs, 3x 63A input;
  • Supports up to 12 Antminer S19 or 24 Antminer S9 (or similar miners);
  • Basic and intelligent versions available.
Miner and GPU sales, miner hosting.
  • We provide ASIC miners and GPUs, fill the form below to get our current offer;
  • Reach out to our email for our current hosting offers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is using cryptocurrency mining containers better than building a warehouse?

Cryptocurrency mining profits strictly rely on cheap electricity - mining containers gives a possibility to move them to the cheapest electricity in the world, without the necessity to build a specialized warehouse. You can easily move a container by transporting it by truck, however, you can't move a warehouse. If you manage to find cheaper electricity, you can put the containers on trucks and transport them to the location with the best electricity rate. Warehouse build-out requires specific permits as well and may include slow bureaucratic processes. Also, it allows you to upscale or downscale quickly.

Who should get a Power Mining cryptocurrency mining container?

Crypto mining containers are best for:
ASIC / GPU colocation (miner hosting) providers;
Electricity suppliers that are looking to monetize their electricity;
Investors that are looking to get in the cryptocurrency mining world quickly.

Does Power Mining provide consulting services for cryptocurrency miners?

Yes, we will provide simple consulting of how to connect the container and start the operations if you purchase a container from us (as well documentation will be provided), however, we can agree to provide consulting services about mining for you separately.

Can I purchase the miners from Power Mining?

Yes, we can provide you with the miners of your choice - ASIC miners from Bitmain, Canaan, WhatsMiner, Baikal and Innosilicon or GPU rigs with AMD or Nvidia GPUs. Please get in touch with us.

Do you have electrical connections available?

We have contacts with power plant owners all over the world, contact us to discuss their actual offers.

Are Power Mining cryptocurrency mining containers certified?

We provide CE certification for our mining containers.
If necessary, we can create certifications for your specific region.

What are the delivery options?

The Power Mining cryptocurrency mining containers are built using regular 20ft or 40ft shipping containers as a base, so it makes it easy for transporting. If you are located in Europe, most likely we will transport the containers by truck. Regardless, we can ship the container to any seaport that's closest to your location. Check the sample shipping costs provided in our .pdf or get in touch with our team for approximate shipping costs to your location.

What's the production time for Power Mining cryptocurrency mining containers?

We usually try to build the containers within 6 weeks from placing the order. However, the manufacturing time may be longer for larger orders

Can I order a custom crypto mining container?

Sure. Tell us about your idea, we will evaluate the time-frame required for manufacturing and the approximate price. We can make mining containers for any miners, even if we don’t have them listed on our website.

Have more questions? Feel free to ask!
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The new Bitcoin mining container model of Power Mining - ASIC-162
Custom built 20ft mining container for Antminer S17 from Power Mining
2.3MW crypto mining farm in Belgium
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